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3 Roads To Sell Your Pharmacy

Podcast: DSCSA or Track & Trace

What Should a Fraud Waste and Abuse Compliance Program Look Like?

You Sold Your Independent Pharmacy, Now What?

Podcast: Hazardous Drugs in 2020, Reality is Here.

USP <800> Myth Busters!

Preparing the Hazardous Drugs Assessment of Risk

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Pharmacy

How Will USP <800> Impact My Retail and LTC Pharmacy?

USP <800> It’s Not Just for Compounding Pharmacies

How to Open an Independent Pharmacy

How to Value an Independent Pharmacy

HIPAA BAA - Why the Business Associate Agreement May be Your Pharmacy's Most Important Piece of Paper

Staying off the OIG Naughty List

Podcast: Competitive Bid, What does that Mean to Me

Why Independent Pharmacies Should Have a Diabetic Shoe Program

Keeping in Compliance when Terminating Employees

How can a Pharmacy Compliance Program help secure insurance contracts?

Who should have a DMEPOS Compliance Program in place?

Is it possible to make FWA Prevention exciting?

HIPAA Compliance for Pharmacies

Why is it important to have a written compounding compliance program?

Podcast Session 11 HIPAA Off-Shore Attestations

Medicare CMS-855B and How it Could Benefit Your Independent Pharmacy

Medicare CMS-855S Explained

Pharmacy Immunizations – It’s More Than Flu Shots

Medicare Applications by the Numbers: Pharmacy Compliance Guide

3 Elements to DEA Documentation

iMedicare is now Amplicare

Durable Medical Equipment Specialist Certification

Pharmacy Compliance Guide Part 1: Attestations

Patient Safety Organizations - Pharmacy Compliance Guide

R.J. Hedges & Associates Named 2017 Torch Award for Ethics by BBB

All About APMS

To Participate or Not to Participate - That is the Question [Update]

Participating vs Non-Participating

Communication & Control: the Two C's That Will Save Your Pharmacy

Seven Wonders of the HIPAA Inspection

Maximized Profits with Immunization Billing!

Immunization Tips: Understanding Standing Orders

Pharmacy Immunizations – It’s More Than Flu Shots

9 Steps to Starting a Pharmacy Immunization Program

A Survival Guide for Pharmacy Hurdles in 2017


How to Do Diabetic Shoes...the Right Way

Could you have a HIPAA breach and not know?

What you really need to know about HIPAA breaches ...

Understanding Pharmacy Compliance in 20 Minutes

R.J. Hedges Wins Runner-up of BBB Torch Award for Ethics

The most requested HIPAA items during an OCR Desk audit

Common Adverse Events and What to Do About Them

How to Make Sense of the Compliance Mayhem

How Compliant is Your Pharmacy, Really?

Managing Patient Costs & Ultimately Your Bottom Line

OptumRx Audits...What Independent Pharmacy Owners Need to Know

New Compliance Rules for Independent Compounding Pharmacies

3 Medicare Part D Changes Your Pharmacy Needs to Implement in 2014

NEW Fraud, Waste & Abuse changes could cost you Medicare reimbursements!

HIPAA in 2013 - What Independent Pharmacy Owners Need to Know

New HIPAA Requirements Coming

Commonly Asked Questions About Pharmacy Immunizations

Tips for Facing Medicare Audits

RAC Audits - what are they and why do I need to worry with them?

HHS Issues Letter - Disclosures to Avert Threats to Health or Safety

Verification Competitive Bidding Is A Poor Auction

Medicare Part “B” Audit Prevention- Diabetic Supplies

Medicare Reimbursment Changes for Diabetic Supplies

BOC Board of Directors Elects Executive Committee for 2013

PDS 2013 Independent Pharmacy Business Growth Conference!

5 Key Points Your Pharmacy Needs to Comply With FWA

Glucose Monitors LCD Change as of November 1, 2012

Medicare Part D, Pharmacy Access During a Federal Disaster

Coming January 2013…. BOC will introduce something new: CDME™

Preparing Your Pharmacy for a Severe Storm

7 Key Steps to a Successful Immunization Program

Business Associate Agreements in Your Pharmacy

The Importance of a Pharmacy Disaster Recovery Plan

Do I need to have a HIPAA program in my pharmacy?

An Easier Way to Track your Refrigerator Temperatures

From the CDC: Life-Threatening Outbreaks Due To Injection Practices

How the Affordable Healthcare Act Affects You

How to Get Rid of Accredidation with the Pharmacy Exemption Rule

PA Proposed DPW Reimbursment Cuts

Free Immunization Pharmacy Guide

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