HIPAA Compliance Program

Did you know...

HIPAA enforcement isn’t just a scare tactic anymore. The “HIPAA police” are here and they mean business, potentially your business! Can your pharmacy afford not to be in compliance this year? Not doing so could mean up to a $1.5 million fine! R.J. Hedges & Associates provides a turnkey, easy-to-follow HIPAA Compliance Manual and Program for you and your facility that exceeds federal HIPAA statutes and Medicare Accreditation (Quality) Standards.

Program Includes


icons_folder_65px_r.png Over 70 Policies & Procedures and more than 70 Support Documents

icon_rxpad_65px_lb.png Risk Assessment

icons_gavel_65px_y.png Risk Management Plan

icons_hardhat_65px_y.png Disaster Recovery Plan

icon_clipboard_65px_r.png Breach Procedures

icons_users_65px_b.png Business Associates Agreements

icon_checkmark_65_y.png Notice of Privacy Practice