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R. Jeffrey Hedges, CDME, is President & CEO of R. J. Hedges & Associates of New Florence, PA.

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Communication & Control: the Two C's That Will Save Your Pharmacy

[fa icon="calendar'] Mon, Sep 18, 2017 / by Jeff Hedges posted in HIPAA

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“Focus is needed in many walks of life, but for patient safety

it is needed every day. Every pharmacy across the country is always one day

closer to dispensing a fatal dose of medication.” - Jeff Hedges


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Could you have a HIPAA breach and not know?

[fa icon="calendar'] Tue, Apr 4, 2017 / by Jeff Hedges posted in HIPAA

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blog_image_5steps_hipaa_breach.pngHas someone asked you if you’ve ever had a HIPAA breach? Most pharmacy owners will adamantly say, “Of course I’ve never had a breach!”  … My response, “Really, never?”  Have you ever had a clerk give the wrong medication to a patient? Typically, I'll hear the pharmacy owner answer, “Well, yeah.”  

This is the same conversation an investigator or an inspector will have with one of your pharmacy staff members. And as soon as your staff says, “Yes,” they have just defunct your entire argument that you’ve never had a breach, risking your pharmacy for further investigation and possible fines. Breaches are more common than you know. One of the best ways to protect your pharmacy is knowing what is considered a HIPAA breach, how susceptible your pharmacy is to them, and what to do if you discover your pharmacy has had a breach.  

Here are five steps to take if you discover you've had a HIPAA breach. 

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OptumRx Audits...What Independent Pharmacy Owners Need to Know

[fa icon="calendar'] Tue, Feb 2, 2016 / by Jeff Hedges posted in Pharmacy

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For years, one of the biggest fears for pharmacy owners in this regulatory world is the OptumRx audit. Having shown up on the scene in 2010, at the time known as Catamaran audits, now known as OptumRx audits are impacting community pharmacies in a BIG way. To further keep you stress-free and in compliance, here’s a breakdown of what you and your pharmacy staff need to know to prepare for a OptumRx audit and avoid penalties.

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5 Key Points Your Pharmacy Needs to Comply With FWA

[fa icon="calendar'] Mon, Dec 10, 2012 / by Jeff Hedges posted in FWA

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Medicare Part D Fraud, Waste and Abuse attestation is one of the easiest Federal requirements to comply with. This program was implemented in 2006 and every pharmacy has had to certify each year since.  Fraud, Waste & Abuse

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Business Associate Agreements in Your Pharmacy

[fa icon="calendar'] Tue, Oct 9, 2012 / by Jeff Hedges posted in HIPAA

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HIPAA Business Associates or BA’s are persons or companies that are not an employee of the pharmacy but will receive Protected Health Information (PHI) from the pharmacy for specific functions, or activities on behalf of the pharmacy, or services for the pharmacy.  These functions or activities could include: Business Associate Agreements

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