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2022 - Newsletters
December 2022 - Newsletter

2023 CMS Deductibles set and prices adjustments for Urban customers, DME MAC Reviews/Audits, Express Scripts infringe more on independent customer base, ACHC review of RJHedges Compounding Programs, and changes to RJHedges PQC+ enrollment.

November 2022 - Newsletter

End of an era NSC ends contract, 2023 Medicare Deductibles, USP updates, and enforcements

October 2022 - Newsletter

NSG Ends Contract November 6th, USP updates are finally coming to USP <795> and <800>, and TriCare Beneficiaries are being forced to move to Mandatory Mail order of Chain Pharmacies Only.

September 2022 - Newsletter

Fall means Open Enrollment and Flu Vaccines, COVID, DMEPOS, and DSCSA Updates.

August 2022 - Newsletter

HIPAA Regulations updates are coming, DME errors reporting is showing high documentation errors, and the NCPA is asking members to send letters to the FDA to stop restrictions on compounded hormone therapy.

July 2022 - Newsletter

Supreme Court ruling could impact DEA investigations on pharmacies for Opioid dispensing, Multi-state, Multi-agency strike force to target illegal prescribing of controlled drugs in New England, Pa’s PALS Licensing system no longer issuing new licenses for O&P, Clarification on USP <800>.

June 2022 - Newsletter

HIPAA Communications Requirement Update, Attn PIC’s- listen Medicare Part D Final Rule, CGM’s now permitted with TriCare

May 2022 - Newsletter

DIR fees to change in 2023, COVID-19 Fraud cases start, FDA limits use on J&J’s COVID Vaccine, HIPAA and DEA Enforcement Actions, COVID’s winding down- time to prepare for life prior to waivers

April 2022 - Newsletter

They’re back! Time to prepare for Audits and Inspections to start again, Prior Authorizations for certain Orthoses are being suspended, and Free COVID tests to Medicare Beneficiaries

March 2022 - Newsletter

NSC Site inspections new contractors off to rocky start, COVID Standing Orders Updated, Time to review your Medication Adherence Program, notice of expected changes to Compliance Programs, CBD Book coming to market available from R.J. Hedges & Associates

February 2022 - Newsletter

Surgical Dressings update with Medicare Requirements and Updates to Policies & Forms

January 2022 - Newsletter

OSHA mandate on COVID Vaccines for employers with 100+ employees struck down, Pharmacists role post COVID research shows pharmacists have a greater role providing their care.

2023 - Newsletters
September 2023 - Newsletter

September’s Newsletter: CA dumps PBM, Federal Court on prescriptions, Immunization update, Pharmacy Compliance, updates to programs, get to know Alisa.

August 2023 - Newsletter

August’s Newsletter includes: HD with Retail and Compounding explained, DSCSA reminder, future updates to programs, get to know Jill.

July 2023 - Newsletter

July’s Newsletter includes: DEA Final Rule, DSCSA reminder, ACHC Non-Sterile Compounding Standards, future updates to programs, get to know Jenny.

June 2023 - Newsletter

June’s Newsletter includes: COVID-19 Healthcare Worker Requirements, Hearing for PBM's, Oral Treatment for COVID-19, Cyber Attack on Amazon Pharmacy, and updates to programs.

May 2023 - Newsletter

May’s Newsletter includes: DEA Drug Diversion Changes, HHS/OCR HIPAA Requirement updates, CMS Medicare Part D Final Rule, DSCSA, and updates to programs .

April 2023 - Newsletter

April’s Newsletter includes: Managing DIR Fees, Growth from Staffing issues, End of COVID, Changes to Continuous Glucose Monitors and updates to programs .

March 2023 - Newsletter

March’s Newsletter includes: Cyber Security and TikTock, new requests from PBM's, Track and Trace, 401k updates, and COVID Money now available to those that got PPP loans.

February 2023 - Newsletter

February’s Newsletter includes: DSCSA is on the horizon, Non-Sterile Compounding implementation date confirmed, and time to complete HIPAA training!

January 2023 - Newsletter

HIPAA Change impacting large database storage, NCPA's popular Point-of-Care Testing workshop is back, Nationwide lawsuit against AmerisourceBergen, February's HIPAA Training requirements will be on eLearning!