Resource Guides for Independent Pharmacists

The team at R.J. Hedges works with independent pharmacists like yourself every day. We do our best to compile content that will benefit your business objectives. Please take a look at a few of our current guides below. Want something you don't see? Ask us


Third-party valuations are important for your pharmacy. Regardless of the reason for the valuation, it’s important to ensure the value is accurate. If you are ready to get your pharmacy valuated, this guide will go through some of the information required, what you can expect throughout the process, and finally, what you can do with your valuation.


Doing something new for the first time, people usually enlist a professional, someone with experience, a guide. Buying, Selling, Expanding, or Planning for the Future shouldn’t be different. R.J. Hedges Sales & Acquisitions Team can help point you in the right direction, where ever your path may head.


Selling a pharmacy is one of the most complicated brokerage transactions. Download our pretty-darn-complete guide to help understand our selling process.


A guide to help independent pharmacies navigate through Medicare audits, understand medication adherence and know what to expect with PBM audits.


Starting a new niche like an immunization program is a great way to generate more traffic in your business and increase OTC, retail, and prescription sales. But one of the main reasons independent pharmacy owners don’t have an immunization program in their business is getting started can be daunting. We’re here to guide you with these top 10 steps to starting a vaccine program in your independent pharmacy.