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Did you know...

Providing immunizations generates more traffic into your pharmacy, increasing OTC, retail and prescriptions sales.

It’s time to get an Immunization Compliance Program if...

  • Your Standing Orders and Emergency Protocols are not signed by a physician
  • You and your pharmacy are not protected with all licensure, insurance and compliance requirements
  • You need to provide a policy and procedure manual to your insurance company in case of an adverse reaction
  • You are wanting to start/expand your travel vaccine program

What’s the Advantage?

  • Protect your pharmacy and your pharmacist license
  • Creates a safety net for compliance
  • Grow your sales without the worry of thinking about compliance

[PBS Documentary] Protecting Health: Saving Lives

Devin Trone

I highly recommend R.J. Hedges & Associates for your pharmacy for pharmacy compliance.  It has been very strategic for me to have one place to go for DME, pharmacy, and now compounding accreditation. Jeff's programs gives you peace of mind knowing that you have yourself covered with policies and procedures and compliance programs.  All you have to do is make sure you are living by them and you are doing your monthly checklists.The end result is that you are compliant and have the peace of mind needed in today's world. There is too much to know and to go do it alone.  I highly suggest giving R.J. Hedges & Associates a try and get compliant.

Devin Trone

Owner of Medicap 8391 & 8362

Common Immunization Compliance Questions

  • Yes, you have to have another Medicare number for immunizations. You will receive a separate number known as your immunization PTAN number in order to bill Medicare for immunizations. This is done by completing the CMS 855B application.

  • We advise against paying a doctor to sign for your standing orders. We recommend asking a doctor you have a good working relationship with to sign and they do not need compensated.

  • While we do not provide a doctor to sign your standing orders, you can use any doctor as long as they are licensed in your state. Experience has also shown that doctors are more likely to work with facilities that have policies and procedures in place and are able to provide standing orders and emergency protocols to the doctor.

    *Some states such as CA and ID has granted pharmacist the ability to sign their own Standing Orders.

  • The answer to this question depends on your facility and its specific needs. You can have one immunization PTAN and use in multiple locations if:

    • Your locations have the same LBN and EIN
    • Your locations are in the same state
    • You list on your CMS-855B that you have multiple locations
    We encourage you to contact one of our compliance strategists to determine what would be the best setup for your facility. You can schedule an appointment by visiting or calling us at 724-213-2530.

Want to learn how R.J. Hedges can help your pharmacy with compliance?

Program Includes

  • Easy-to-follow policies and procedures with the necessary documents needed to implement a successful immunization program
  • Patient Questionnaires
  • Mass Immunization Roster
  • 38 different standing orders
  • Updated to Include: COVID-19 Standing Orders, Screening Questionnaires and Mass Immunization Roster
  • Emergency Protocols
  • OSHA requirements
  • Facility Safety Program
  • Web-based training videos
  • Workflow management
  • Travel Vaccine Resources
  • PLUS all this is in one spot and available 24/7


100% Customized Programs
1-on-1 Personal Support
Easy-to-Follow Procedures
Web-based Training
24/7 Online Access via the Compliance Portal®
Monthly Tasks Lists
Special Bulletins
Checklists for Audits, Inspections & Surveys
100% Client Accreditation Success Rate

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