Navigating Hazardous Drug Compliance in Pharmacy [Podcast]

Navigating Hazardous Drug Compliance in Pharmacy

Dr. Lisa Faast and Jeff Hedges discuss hazardous drugs, including the emphasis that compliance goes beyond paperwork and is crucial in avoiding fines and bad inspections. The discussion then shifts to hazardous drugs, their misconceptions, and the regulations in both compounding and retail settings. They discuss the differences in policies and procedures and stress the need for an assessment of risks for every hazardous drug in the pharmacy.


Becky Templeton

Becky is a Board Certified DME Specialist and Accredited Business Intermediary. Her education and training background fuels her desire to understand how things work, while trying to get the simplest answers and best methods for implementation. She is the go to woman for R.J. Hedges’ training and the voice of many of our videos.

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