HIPAA in 2013 - What Independent Pharmacy Owners Need to Know

HIPAA enforcement isn’t just a scare tactic anymore. The “HIPAA police” are here and they mean business, potentially your business! This year, the Office of Civil Rights has hired hundreds of investigators to ensure that you are following the new rules. Not doing so, could mean up to a $1.5 million fine! Can your business afford not to be in compliance this year?

The new HIPAA Omnibus Rule has brought many changes that impact not only independent pharmacy businesses, but individual owners and staff members. Not knowing what to do, can make any pharmacy owner feel overwhelmed and down-right worried. It's Healthcare's 800lb gorilla that no one seems to be talking about. This is why our own Jeff Hedges, President & CEO of R.J. Hedges & Associates, and Dan Benamoz, CEO of Pharmacy Development Services, have gotten together to guide you with clear steps on how to stay in compliance and protect your business. 

Watch their on-demand webinar as they quickly detail the new 2013 HIPAA rule changes including the four things you need to do to avoid getting hit with this $1.5 million fine. You'll want to share this with your whole team as many of the new changes apply to them too.

2013 HIPAA Rules Webinar

Changes to the HIPAA statute have forced all healthcare providers to rewrite their HIPAA compliance policy and procedure manuals as well as issue new Business Associate Agreements and a new Notice of Privacy Practice. 

Watch this 30 minute webinar plus Q&A to get up-to-date on new HIPAA compliance requirements including: 

  • Tightening of notification procedures on breach of unsecured protected health information (PHI)
  • Increasing accountability of Business Associates for compliance with HIPAA
  • Strengthening the limitations on the use and disclosure of PHI for marketing
  • Extending individuals' rights to health information
Watch the On-Demand Webinar

Jenny Schell

Jenny is a Board Certified DME Specialist and for the last 9 years has assisted independent pharmacies, home health care facilities, medical supply companies, physicians and small healthcare practices in choosing the best comprehensive customized healthcare compliance and consulting services they require.

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