Introduction to Pharmacy Brokerage [PodCast]

Whether you’ve worked your whole career building your business, inherited or purchased from family, or more recently acquired the business, at some point all owners start to think about the next chapters of their life and selling their business.  The world of pharmacy isn’t much different from other businesses in this sense, and it can be hard for an entrepreneur, visionary, and owner to start forecasting life without the business they’ve given so much of their time, energy, focus, and money.

To say there is an emotional attachment may be an understatement.  While some owners can’t wait to dump their business, I’d be willing to bet the majority of pharmacy owners truly love their business, employees, and patients.  Being so ingrained in the community, it’s hard for owners not to worry about their patients.  Owners worry about the level of care, or access to care, their patients may, or may not, have should they sell their location.  In some instances that worry for their staff and their community leaves owners holding onto the business much longer than maybe they initially wanted.



Becky Templeton

Becky is a Board Certified DME Specialist and Accredited Business Intermediary. Her education and training background fuels her desire to understand how things work, while trying to get the simplest answers and best methods for implementation. She is the go to woman for R.J. Hedges’ training and the voice of many of our videos.

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