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It’s not always smooth sailing. Whether you are Buying, Selling, Expanding, or Planning for the Future, the R.J. Hedges Sales & Business Acquisitions Team can help you navigate the waters ahead of you.

Our Process

Available Professional Services

 Buying/Selling a pharmacy 
 Buying out a partner 
 Comparisons for a current pharmacy to others nationally 
 Determining market value 
 Disputes with IRS audit 
 Estate planning 
 Financial health check of your pharmacy 
 Goal setting 
 Junior partnership or succession planning 
 Retirement planning 
 Determining stock value


Benefits of having a valuation

Find What Drives Value by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your pharmacy. If moving toward selling, it also allows owners to solve problems before beginning the selling process.

1. Set a Reasonable Price
There are many different business valuation equations that take into account a wide assortment of variables such as number of prescriptions, net and gross income, expenditures, dollars per prescription, percent of revenue, multiples of earnings, etc. Using any one equation may present a figure either too high or too low. Without determining your value, taking into account many of these equations and utilizing an experienced broker, you will not know how to accurately price your pharmacy.

2. Minimize your risk
If legal or financial matters are involved that may devalue a pharmacy. Having a true comprehensive pharmacy valuation will help safeguard and substantiate your valuation claims.


Doing something new for the first time, people usually enlist a professional, someone with experience, a guide. Buying, Selling, Expanding, or Planning for the Future shouldn’t be different. R.J. Hedges Sales & Acquisitions Team can help point you in the right direction, where ever your path may head.


All financial information about pharmacies listed for sale and buyer’s qualifications are representations of the principals and are not guaranteed in any way by R.J. Hedges & Associates. Buyers and Sellers are urged to perform all necessary due diligence through whatever means they are most comfortable with before entering into a transaction to buy or sell any pharmacy listed on this website.

Business Brokerage Terms

Succession, Estate, and Exit Strategy Planning

If you're looking ahead and want to start preparing your legacy to leave to a family member or possibly sell, the R.J. Hedges Sales & Business Acquisitions staff can help you create plans and put them in place. Actively thinking ahead is what helps so many entrepreneurs succeed. Shouldn't your future plans include thinking about the next generation of owners? If you need help finding the next steps, please contact us today. Our Business Management Section will help you plan the pharmacy's opening, strategies, and benchmarks for succeeding in the marketplace. For Buyers, Brokerage is just the starting point to success.

If you are considering selling your pharmacy, do not share ANY information with a potential buyer without proper representation.

Brokerage FAQ

  • Every pharmacy is different, there is no one set formula that works for every pharmacy. Let our experts with years of experience in business valuation set the proper value and asking price for your pharmacy.

  • Chains are not the only option and may not be the best value for your Pharmacy. Absolutely if you want your Pharmacy to remain independent we will help you sell to another independent owner.
    We never limit our options to one set of options or buyers. We market your pharmacy to find the best offer for the seller. In most cases it is another independent pharmacy owner.

  • You should tell your staff and customers once the sale is final. You don’t want to do anything before the sale happens that could affect the sales of the business.

  • The wholesaler’s only interest is in keeping the pharmacy inside their network.

  • R.J. Hedges & Associates is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau. R. J. Hedges & Associates is the 2017 winner of the Torch award for ethics from the Better Business Bureau. Our staff is both licensed and accredited as business Brokers. For the last eight years we have been offering the sale of pharmacies internally to our exclusive clients.

    R.J. Hedges & Associates has a long established reputation for outstanding customer service. Recognized with an A+ Better Business Rating and the 2017 Winner of the 2017 Torch Award for Workplace Ethics. Our staff is licensed and accredited as business brokers and with over eight years of experience we are able to serve your individual needs.
  • We highly recommend you seek professional representation and guidance. We have long standing relationships with Attorneys and CPA’s that have experience dealing with the Pharmacy industry. We can help you with establishing a relationship with seasoned professionals who know your industry inside and out.
  • Many independents have the cash, credit and borrowing power to purchase your pharmacy. These well capitalized buyers and investors with financial institutions we have relationships with provide available capital and funds to purchase your pharmacy.

  • The length of time for due diligence will vary with every transaction. The comfort level between the buyer and seller as well as the clarity of properly prepared financial records have the biggest effect on the time it takes a buyer to review a purchase.
  • Yes. All parties will receive Non-Disclosure Agreements before any review of sensitive information is given out. All buyers will be pre-qualified and run through extensive checks before being brought to the table.
  • R.J. Hedges & Associates has been brokering the selling and purchasing of pharmacies on an exclusive basis to our existing clients for the past eight years. We have now chosen to offer our services to all Pharmacies.
  • The length of time to sell a pharmacy varies on every deal. Some can close in as little as two months others may take nine months or more. The largest effect on time is having clean financials for the due diligence process, and the speed at which the buyer and seller wish to complete the transaction where they both feel comfortable. State and Federal licensing must also be in place before the transfer of ownership can happen.