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“One-stop shopping for
immunizations. Very complete and simple to use.”

Mark P, RPh, GA Pharmacy


“We are impressed by the unique work RJ Hedges & Associates is doing to keep pharmacists up to date on the increasingly complex world of immunization.”

Deborah L. Wexler, MD, Executive Director, Immunization Action Coalition

Pharmacy Immunization Compliance Program

image immunizations bannerProviding immunizations generates more traffic into your pharmacy, increasing OTC, retail and prescriptions sales, but it’s time to get an immunization compliance program...

  • If your Standing Orders and Emergency Protocols are not signed by a physician
  • If you and your pharmacy are not protected with all licensure, insurance and compliance requirements
  • If a patient has an adverse reaction, do you have a policy and procedure manual to provide to your insurance company

What’s the Advantage?

  • Protect your pharmacy and your pharmacist license
  • Creates a safety net for compliance
  • Grow your sales without the worry of thinking about compliance 

Our Program includes:

  • Easy-to-follow policies and procedures with the necessary documents needed to implement a successful immunization program
  • Guides to speed up your vaccination process
  • Best practices to help you and your staff perform efficient, compliant and professional immunizations
  • Instructions for properly documenting and recording physicians’ Standing Orders
  • Emergency protocols for anaphylactic reactions
  • Bloodborne Pathogen and Hazard Communication Plans that meets OSHA standards
  • Policies and procedures that meet the CDC recommendations
  • Facility Safety Program
  • Web-based training videos
  • Workflow management
  • PLUS all this is in one spot and available 24/7