How Much is Your Independent Pharmacy Worth?

The world for independent pharmacies is a challenging one right now and many pharmacy owners are selling and buying pharmacies. This may be something you have thought about as a pharmacy owner in the past.

There are many reasons for valuing your pharmacy: Retirement, Health concerns, Pursuit of new business ventures, Feeling burned out and overwhelmed, Ownership Discrepancies, Desolvement of Estates and Divorce, Poor business performance such as reduced revenue or shrinking profit margins (Thank you DIR Fees), Competition or shrinking customer base, just to name a few.

Whatever your personal reason is, this valuation tool maybe a great first step towards determining the value of your pharmacy. Please keep in mind we offer a more in depth evaluation, called a Pharmacy Valuation, should you wish to have a much more detailed evaluation of your business and a formal letter of opinion.

Please make sure you have your most recent Tax Return and current script count as it will make completing the Valuation Questionnaire much easier and more accurate.