Increase your CBD Sales

Our book, "CBD Expert Advice for Getting Started" written by Frank Lombardo RPh, and R. Jeffrey Hedges is a great addition to the CBD products you may already have in your pharmacy, practice, or store.

For over 15 years, R.J. Hedges & Associates has provided independent pharmacies the compliance tools and solutions needed so they could stay stress free and in compliance.  As CBD started entering the market, we very cautiously advised clients to shy away from allowing an illicit substance, as deemed by the FDA, into their pharmacies as it could possibly jeopardize their DEA license and pharmacy license. 

With the adoption of the 2018 Farm Bill, advancing technologies and transparencies in the production of high-quality CBD, and the open acceptance of many boards of pharmacies, our stance has now changed, and we actively encourage clients to pursue offering high-quality, batch-tested CBD for their patients.  Not only is it a good way to increase foot traffic, but it also serves as a wonderful way to increase your revenue.  

A client of ours was so passionate about CBD use that he spent several years researching and vetting companies until he found a company that had all the requirements and data he was looking for.  He also wrote a book to help educate his patients.  When he shared this draft and we heard his passion and stance on CBD, we took another look at it from the compliance side.  We were happy to partner with him to help add additional chapters to his book and get it published.

With a wholesale price of $6.00/book, this book serves as an educational piece and marketing your CBD product line.  Educated patients will purchase higher-quality CBD, not the gas station brands.  Your staff is also educated and can help serve your patients.  The book can be sold for $8.99 a copy or given to a patient.  We hope that after your patient reads this book, they'll be back in the pharmacy educated and ready to buy your CBD products at your pharmacy. If they have questions, you are their trusted source for healthcare.    With a profit of $2.99 per book, the true value will be increased CBD sales and repeat customers.  

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Topics covered in the book:

  • What your doctor may not know about CBD
  • Finding a CBD company I was confident recommending
  • The top 5 reasons why CBD may have failed your expectations
  • CBD is everywhere, and millions are consuming it
  • The government’s patent on cannabinoids
  • Not all CBD oil is the same
  • Know what you are buying
  • Know where the hemp was grown
  • Extraction process and why it can be important
  • Verify the authenticity of your product
  • Certification of CBD products for marketing on the internet
  • The right questions to ask when researching CBD
  • Full Spectrum CBD
  • How much CBD should I be taking?
  • A safer, natural, effective alternative
  • “Can I test positive on a drug analysis, if I’m taking CBD?”
  • The legality of CBD products
  • Caution: CBD use with medications