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A Guide to Getting Your Pharmacy Valuated

Third-party valuations are important for your pharmacy. Regardless of the reason for the valuation, it’s important to ensure the value is accurate. If you are ready to get your pharmacy valuated, this guide will go through some of the information required, what you can expect throughout the process, and finally, what you can do with your valuation.

Actionable Take Away:

If you are ready to get a third-party valuation of your pharmacy, R.J. Hedges has the industry experience to get you an accurate valuation for your business.  The investment of the valuation will also be credited back on the final sale of the pharmacy.


  1. The value of a third-party valuation and why you might need one.
  2. What information do you need to have on-hand to get a valuation?
  3. How long does a valuation take?
  4. How do banks use a valuation?
  5. Working with R.J. Hedges for your valuation